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Kawung in Kopi

Kawung in Kopi

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Introducing the Kawung Series Matte Satin Shawl, inspired by the beautiful Kawung motif found in traditional Javanese batik. This exclusive design is brought to you by MIRAMIKA, and it's made from high-quality matte satin material that is comfortable to wear. Measuring 200cm x 70cm, this shawl provides ample coverage while maintaining a lightweight feel. 

This shawl comes in four stunning colors: Teh Susu, Bandung, Kopi, and Pandan. Add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe with this exquisite shawl that's perfect for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a stylish accessory for your daily outfits or something special for formal events like weddings or parties - the Kawung Series Matte Satin Shawl has got you covered. 

Material: Matte Satin 
Measurements: 200cm x 70cm

Available in 4 colours:
1) Teh Susu
2) Bandung 
3) Kopi
4) Pandan

Actual colours may differ slightly from your screen. All the photos are captured in a photography studio with bright lights from all angles. The colours are made to the most similar possible.

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